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Hi guys, first post so hi everyone and im glad to be a member.

Shame my first post is a cry for help but here goes - basically my grandad has gotten a little too old for his Peugeot 405 Diesel turbo and i have taken ownership from him quite gratefully owing to the fact that im skint.

Anyway, im quite experienced with cars having replaced a few engines etc but this one has got me stumped.

The heater simply will not work. Its a 95 405 Diesel turbo in great condition but last winter (when i first took the car) i spent at least 30mins every morning working in vain trying to clear a frost windscreen without any heat from the heater.

I have checked coolant levels and had a go at getting to the heater matrix but before i go removing a LOT of facia to do this, is there a history of this happening on 405's? Part of me thinks it could be a blockage in the radiator system meaning i need to use the bleed valve to release air pressure but i have no idea where it is.

Until tomorrow i wont be near my Haynes Manual to check so any heads up on ideas or thoughts would be very much appreciated.

In my book its either:

1) Damaged Matrix
2) Dodgy ambient air sensor
3) Dodgy electronic heater switch behined the control unit
4) Air blockage somewhere in the system.

I have googled but thats like trying to find a peice of hay in an enormous pile of needles.

Thanks in advance for your help guys - its funny, there is something very satisfying about getting a relatively old car and fixing all the little niggles on it yourself - bloke thing i guess ;-)

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