Hi guys,

I ordered these new from Kwik Fit for my 407 SW, did approximately 3500 miles on them and then had to scrap the car after nobody could fix it (there are several threads during the course of this if you are interested!). I was able to figure out the mileage they've done as Kwik Fit takes the odometer reading when fitting, and I have a picture of the dash just before scrapping it. The tyres still have the little hairs on them!

They are really fantastic premium tyres; a focus on summer performance but with excellent snow ability. One of the best all round tyres available - these are not like traditional all-season tyres that aren't really good at anything. I bought them after a lot of research as I wanted a good performance tyre for my wife that would keep her safe regardless of the weather. I never skimp on tyres as they're the only things connecting you to the road. I did get to test them in heavy snow here where it's very hilly and they performed amazingly with the FWD 407. I actually bought another set for the replacement vehicle as I was that impressed; sadly this one runs 18s and so I couldn't simply reuse them.

I'm looking for £350 for the set which I think is great value considering how little use they've had and what they cost new. Collection from Huddersfield would be ideal, but I would be happy with a courier if you arrange and let me know what to do at this end.