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I was having trouble with marking on rear bumper caused by rough edge on tailgate. Finally getting it done through warranty but after having waited 9 days thought I'd pay body shop a visit.
Anyhow bumper still waiting to be sprayed as their waiting for a bumper bracket as they have told me. Wanted to see the car and after it was found and shown to me , bumper was off as expected but also the tail pipes had been removed.
Can anyone who knows tell me if you need them removed to get bumper off?.
I would've thought the bumper would come off leaving the diffuser in place with tailpipes in situ.
Sorry for long post but it winds me up after a 9 day wait with no follow up courtesy call and job still to be done, seems strange tailpipes coming off and obviously now they'll need tacking back on.
Body shop was The ARC group.
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