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308CC roof squeak

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Hi all
First post here so be gentle (please) ...

My mum's 308CC has a terrible squeak coming from area where the roof fold mechanism engages with the roof-plate that covers the cabin, at the passenger side rear.

We opened the mechanism inch by inch and had a look and it seems that the holes that are engaged had some wadding material in them that had become shredded. I can't seem to find this wadding in the exploded diagrams that I have found. But I do suspect that this is the culprit as putting force upwards at this point stops the squeak entirely. Suggests that the 3-4mm of play introduced is causing the squeak.

Can anyone identify the wadding part number so I can look for it online?

As a separate matter, nasty clunking coming from the AC compressor and a complete absence of cool air. I don't have my tool kit with me so I'm hoping that the trip to the garage is not going to be too dear. Annoying as the tensioner, v belt and a pulley was replaced only ten days ago.

Many thanks
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Parts diagrams with part numbers here:

thanks Gibbo.

I was able to identify the part at last. Peugeot call them felt kits and two are on their way for £30. seems a lot for a couple of grams of felt, but negligible compared to a constant squeak!

where I was going wrong was looking at the diagrams of the folding roof mechanism rather than the rear windscreen.

all the best
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