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Hi Guys,

Been looking at my next mod for a few weeks and i have just finished it and would like to share with the 308 (MK1) incase anyone would like to do the same!

Looking around on ebay i seen a 308cc with a big screen in between the speedo and i have seen them in the RCZ but i did not like the look of the sliver speedo.

got me thinking wonder if i could get this to work in mine, with mine being the GT model it came with white speedo and small screen.

i looked around more and there is a fella on here that has done it i tried to email him but nothing so i was left on my own. my thoughts were do i buy this and make it work or leave it...........??

I got it bought it! and was lucky it had 48k as mine is 79k so i would be safe in putting this in the car and the miles would adjust to mine. the only issue i has was the larger screen
(matrix display) came a extra plug to be installed

its only 4 wires: EARTH, 12V, CAN High, CAN Low.

After a few hours of looking i needed to find were i need to put these wires. do i run new wires to the BSI something i did not want to do as i wanted to stay clear of if am honest.

the best place was found and it was using the loom that the speedo plugs into, i did tap into 4 wires one at a time as i was worrying in case i did damage to the loom but being careful and taking my time it was done,

Next came the switch on does it work or not have a messed this up?? Nope it worked!! like any new mods you do it gives you a great buzz.

it was time to do some coding for the new matrix display this was new to me as am use to playing about with the older pp2000 software about 30mins in i was finding what i could add to the screen i was happy.

The only thing this screen does not have were the RCZ does it shows you the MPH on the screen.

I have now got this to work with a firmware flash with the help of another member on a Russian website and am please with the outcome......:D

Check Out the video on what it can display:

If you want to do this and you need any advice or information just ask!! hope you enjoyed the read and roll on the next mod :thumb:

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im from RCZ - buy the color screen matrix but we have CAN2004 and the color is CAN2010
there is interesting guide to build can2004 to can2010 convertor:
and its work on his car
but im stuck on with arduino and the canbus cards not work....
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