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308 roller shutter fail / Storage compartment floor console

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Hi. Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere.

The roller shutter on the ‘Storage compartment floor console’ aka the middle bit of storage behind gear selector has failed. I leant on it and the underneath plastic struts popped and it’s now jammed. An awful design but we move on!

does anyone know how to repair this and/or take apart that section to access the underside of it. It’s impossible to look at it in situ. I don’t think it’s totally broken just the roller struts have popped out. Pic of the part Below.

hoping to repair as the replacement part (98012646ZD) is £165

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All I can do sympathise and agree that it's a PPP (Pretty P!ss Poor) design.
Hello, I recently bought the car in online auction, they were using Live Video Streaming, so I could see the condition and I also noticed that I will need to make some updates, so there is my advice.
Repairing this particular component may require some disassembly and troubleshooting. While I can provide some general guidance, it's important to note that specific instructions may vary based on the make and model of your vehicle.

Here are some steps you can consider to address the issue:

Remove the center console: Start by removing any trim pieces or panels surrounding the storage compartment. This usually involves locating and removing screws, clips, or fasteners. Carefully detach these components to access the underside of the roller shutter mechanism.

Inspect the roller shutter mechanism: Once you have access, visually inspect the roller shutter and the plastic struts that have popped out. Determine if any parts are broken or if they simply need to be repositioned or reattached.

Realign or reattach the plastic struts: If the plastic struts have come out of their intended position, carefully realign them and see if they snap or slide back into place. You may need to gently manipulate the components to ensure they are properly seated.

Test and reassemble: After repositioning the plastic struts, test the functionality of the roller shutter by manually moving it to check for smooth operation. If everything seems to be in order, reassemble the center console by following the reverse steps of the disassembly process.

It's worth noting that accessing and repairing the roller shutter mechanism can be challenging due to the limited space and design constraints.
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