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The rubber bar that sits across the bottom of the exterior of the nearside rear window has become damaged and started to come away from its attachment to the door. I assume one of the connecting rubber stoppers has perished

It had started to peel away a few weeks ago but while on holiday someone has decided to yank it off further while we were parked up one night, which means a good 2-3 inches are loose and flap considerably when driving on the motorway or similar.
It also means that the existing strip cannot be reattached

I'm looking to find a replacement part somewhere but struggling a bit to find the relevant part number or indeed anywhere that lists them as for sale or at least specifically for the 308

Not sure a 2nd hand one would be much better

I thought if I cold get hold of one I can either replace myself or take to the local mechanic I use around the corner as I struggle to get to our nearest Peugeot garage. Not sure whether it's a case of clipping it into moorings or whether some adhesive is required

Can anyone point me in the right direct

Unfortunately my OH has the car at work currently so I can't post a decent picture of the issue
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