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If you own a GTi 270 (or 26x as in Europe, now) you'll probably be aware of the issue of noisy LSDs. I’m now on to my second GTi 270 — now the update model. Both cars have had drivetrain/differential noise, most noticeable on tight roundabouts, performing U turns (either direction) or just tight turns into carparks etc, and my new car is much louder (it ‘moans’) than my old one. I referred this to the dealer (still under warranty), who first decided to change the strut top bearings (!) 🤦‍♂️ before changing the transmission oil. It’s still noisy, and they’ve now decided it’s the part of the power steering; they’ve ordered parts, which will take 3 mths to come to Australia from France...and, I’m betting, won’t reduce the noise! I’ve done some research about Torsen LSDs and discovered that this ‘moaning’ noise is “a feature” 😳, but can be reduced by adding friction modifier to the transmission oil. There is a slight downside to doing this, in that there will be around 10% reduction in the torque bias ratio, but that’s not going to be very noticeable on a road car — even one with occasional track use. • Has anyone done this? • What did you use? • What has been your experience? Oh, and here are the references to ‘friction modifiers’ from the Torsen website: Torsen® Traction
I just got a 308’gti 19 plate it’s done 23000 miles and every time I start off and turn left or right it grindes like god knows what is this part of the car or something else
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