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Hi all

Sorry this will be a long one ?

I'm after a bit of advice today. I baught a 2014 Peugeot 308 1.6hdi about 7 months ago and although I do really enjoy it I have found that the dealer who sold it to me may have pulled a fast one and I'm wondering if I can now do anything about it.

When I bought the car from the dealer I quickly noticed the clutch was slipping, I should have tested it but he was an AA assured partner dealer and all the cars had plenty of history and paperwork so I was happy that they were good. Either way, after much fuss the dealer agreed to change the clutch and he used the garage opposite his site to do the work. I at the time also noticed the brakes were a bit scored and so mentioned that, the dealer also said "that's just how they are on these" but again agreed to change them. I then picked the car up and drove home, I noticed a bit of noise and wobble from the brakes and basically they had changed the discs and not the pads which had been scored by the discs so although plenty of thickness in them they had groves (I had to point out to the mechanics it's bad to not change pads when you change discs) again went through the usual grumble but they replaced them.

I am now 6 months down the line and have found a noise coming from the clutch, almost like a slight continuous knock which stops when you press it in, it also makes a similarish noise whilst driving at low speeds etc.

I've been told it could potentially be the dual mass flywheel, thrust bearing and the gearbox might need replacing. I've rang the garage and asked what was replaced when they did the clutch and they have told me just literally the clutch and nothing else as all the other bits seemed fine, this seems like a huge no no to go though the hassle of changing the clutch and not the other bits when it's all already out. I've taken it to another garage and they have said that the first garage should have been able to see the initial signs of damage 6 months ago when they did the clutch originally and also should definitely have changed all the other bits as well as dual mass flywheels can be very sensitive to damage, they get a little bit of wiggle room but then can go very quick if not done properly.

The garage that did the clutch have said the repair could cost me up to £1500 (could be more if it doesn't go smoothly ?) which in essence would be a CAT c as although I have a warranty it only covers £500 and the insurance company don't want to fork out over £1000 towards it.

Is there any way to just hand the car back and get my money back as it seems crazy to have bought this car and within 7 months have racked up almost £3k in bills and now facing cat c. Albeit the dealer has forked out for the initial stuff but it seems like he skimped on the clutch and now I'm paying the price for it.
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