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Hi there

My partner just received her 308 GT Premium Hybrid last week but we noticed an issue with the fuel tank and fuel range.

The car's fuel tank was sitting at half when we got it, and we fueled up the next day to full, but the Fuel gauge stayed at half and so did the range. Driving a few days later the gauge values were all over the place like it had a mind of its own, but they only changed when you first started up the car. If you drove the car on petrol range or fuel tank values never moved.

Dealership master tech reset the floats and added a software update. But has anyone else experienced this issue?

To me the gauge is more likely to be faulty, though we seem to be reading full now and approx range is showing 455 miles. Only time will tell if this is now working correctly.

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Hopefully not but Saw that on other forums
My absolute nightmare as I just sold a Range rover sport for this issue
Basically starting the car with full tank .. and range dropping after 1KM from 600 to 200 then 20 until 0 after 20 minutes
The problem is when it comes to 0 the car start to shake as if the fuel tank is empty
In city the only solution was to restart the car at almost every stop/ red light
In the highway A TRUE NIGHTMARE you need to stop in the middle of road every 20 minutes to restart it
I've literrally did everything possible : Changing fuel gauge to electronic BSM box with no results
Long story short even a 100k range rover can do it & do not hesitate to use warranty with peugeot to fix this problem ASAP
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