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Hi all

New to the forum, and have a odd question....

Have an issue with the 2012 308 HDi we have for our daughter..

The right backlight on the speedo side will sometimes (1 in 4 or 5) not come on.. and then as you drive it may just light up.
My daughter said not to worry as its the light is for the 100+mph area.. and I quote "I have no plans to go that fast so it wont bother me..."

Additionally on very rare occasion both backlights (Left and right) side of the speedo will go off, So, I do want to get it fixed (regardless of how fast or slow my daughter drives)

I am assuming its an issue on maybe a power rail on the circuit board, and the local Dealer has quoted £900 for a new unit and commissioning

Before I fork out that kind of money, has anyone had this issue and/or managed to get it an issue like this fixed using one of the companies listed as able to repair sealed unit speedo's ?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts or help on possible repair companies
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