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Hello, Peugeot forum users! I used to frequent the forum before buying the car, but now have a problem of my own.

I drive an 11 months old 308 1.6 hdi fap 92hp(and I am really satisfied with it). So far I have made about 15000 km, and started having some problems this winter. When its cold, with temperatures around 0, the car drives "jerky" when about 2000 revs, until the temperature gauge reaches 90 (optimal working temperature). So, while driving around (and less than) 2000 revs, the car seems to lose throttle for a few seconds, and then it returns. When the car loses throttle, the car jerks a couple of times and the rev gauge quickly moves back a couple of times. The whole process repeats itself until the engine reaches 90 degrees.

I took the car to the local Peugeot dealer, it appeared to them that everything is ok mechanically, and put new software to solve the problem. The software helped, but I still experienced the "jerkiness", although it was less noticeable now. I eventually noticed that the problem could be avoided if I drive the car in 3rg gear at about 2500-3000 revs when its cold until the engine reaches optimal temperature.

The issue became problematic again in the previous few days. It's -10 degrees C here and the snow hasn't stopped falling for days. This means that I spend most of the time driving around in 2nd gear on icy road. Until the engine is warmed up to working temp. (90C), driving in 2nd gear at about 2000 revs results in the car losing throttle and then suddenly getting it back, meaning it drives in a combination of sudden slowdowns and violent accelerations, making it a dangerous vehicle for the icy road. Switching to 3rd gear makes the sudden throttle oscillation less noticeable, but the engine is still jerky and acts as if its running out of fuel (again a couple of moments, then it passes, then it happens again).

I will probably take the car to the dealer for service, but it will be impossible to do that for a couple of days, so I would be grateful if you would share your opinion or similar experiences about this matter.
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