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Hi....i have an 05 plate 307Sw 2.0XSI Diesel that has had depollution light problems from new. To be honest there have been too many occasions to remember and mention but some of the "solutions" that have been used are :- Clean Gel from ECU connector, replace manifold sensor, replace high pressure fuel pump. The car is now out of its 3 year warranty period and the fault has just returned. I have had the fault codes read by an independent Auto Electrical engineer and the codes it has come up with are as follows
1351-Pre post heating relay(coherence)
2563 Unknown
2565 Unknown
D118 Unknown
1693 Unknown
Does anyone know what the Unknown codes are?
The engineer said that the most likely cause of the first code is a sticking relay in the glowplug controller.
I should also mention that the car is under powered but starts and runs ok.
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