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Hi there

This is my first post....please be gentle :)

Can someone please assist?

I have a 307sw HDI 110 which has lost its umph!
Here is a bit of histroical information-
After starting and driving off the engine seems to be holding back, this would clear after a short distance and the car would then spin freely,lots of power and quite engine. Over the last couple of days the engine has become very vocal (tapping) from the injectors...I assume, and is way down on acceleration power, there is no distinctive feel of the turbo operating... On the same day again after starting there would be no problem at all and the engine runs quite, you can hear the turbo winding up :confused:

MPG has gone WAY down at the moment

My car will be booked in for a diagnostic tomorrow, hopefully this may shed some light. I have no warning lights on or any fault message displayed.

Has anyone had the same sort of problems as I have discribed?

Many thanks for any info offered
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