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Hi, need a little help here.
Air con had packed up on my 307. Had my mate ( transport fridge engineer) hook his gauges to find the problem. The compressor was knackered so got new one.
Fitted up new one, vac out system , regassed to correct charge.
Started up system, it ran for about 5 mins nice and cool about 11 degrees at vent, low and high side pressures ok.
Then it just stopped, compressor clutch energises for about a second the drops out. When it does this the engine struggles to keep on tick over.
If I increase the engine speed to compensate the compressor clutch drops out.
The condenser fan runs when the clutch is energised and drops out after clutch has dropped out.
I've disconnected the compressor clutch wire for now so I can decide where to look next
Any help would be appreciated.
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