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HI Folks
In this unexpectedly warm spell (I'm in Ireland, we don't often get 'warm'!) - I've been using the aircon on my '05 307sw.

A while back, I noticed that the "air recirculate" button doesn't actually do anything - so I had a bit of an investigate today.

Seems that the button, when pressed, causes a little electrically-operated actuator (tucked up under the dash by the steering column, in about the most inaccessible place possible!) to rotate a white plastic lever.
It looks as if there should be a linkage of some sort to connect this lever to the lever that operates the actual recirculation flap.

Does anybody know what this missing linkage is called - so I can try and obtain one?
Also, assuming that I can track one down, can it be fitted without removing the actuator - which is held in place by three bolt-headed self-tappers, which need a certain amount of contortion to reach them..
If the linkage could simply be snapped on to the actuator arm then that would be a lot less hassle!

Many thanks in advance
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