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307Hdi (90) 2002 - Multiple annoyances.. cannot figure GRR!!

Hi all!

Ok so i have a 307 hdi (90) 2002 (02)

Current things im on with trying to sort,

Rear heated window, just stopped working? no light on the button, fuse is ok and the haynes says the relay is controlled from ecu?

A/C Stopped kicking in when i press the button, the light on this button works and all fuses in tact, is there a separate relay for this?

I did the oil and filter a few weeks back, i ran a litre of engine flush for 10mins before new oil, plus i ran some redex injector cleaner on a low tank. Im not sure if its related but ever since i have had a noisy engine that kind of clears bang on 3000rpm, if it helps it sounds like when you run a petrol low on oil and you get that tappet ticking noise.

Also are the injectors coded on these engines?

Any ideas on any of the above greatly appreciated :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts