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306 CC driver window fails to drop when opening door from outside.
It works fine when opening the door from the inside, I have done a BSI reset, and tried the door handle sensor, by plugging it into the passenger side, it works. None of the above which makes any difference.
I bought the Peugeot service box but that will not run on my PC, or not the electrical section. I have tried to trace the wiring through, but this is an impossible task without a wiring diagram and connector map.
So how does the system work? Presumably the door handle sensor is a low voltage unit which returns a signal (5V ??) to the body computer. Correct me if I am wrong. There was a suggestion that controller was in the motor on another forum, but that I am not sure of. There are no fault codes in the BSI system either.
Any help/suggestions either on the fault, or getting sedre to work would be appreciated

Many Thanks
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