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Hi all I'm new to the group but find it very helpful I have a Peugeot 307cc 2005 tiptronic gearbox convertible with 80000km's on the clock.
My car was completely fine and driving smoothly till I stopped at church and an hour later car was completely dead when turning the key it wouldn't even crank however the dash lights went on, not even the windows could role up or down. Then I saw on the das was a flashing light saying "economy mode activated " I didn't know what this means till I googled and found answers in this group and how to deactivate it (connecting a wire to positive of battery and the other end to starter positive while ignition is on, when it started I left it idling for an hour as advised) I could then roll windows up and down and even put the roof up and down and also the economy mode warning was no longer flashing. But then the gear selector could not move out of park into any other gear or even neutral it was just stuck in park and at the same time the P (parking signal) on the dash is flashing and also at the same time the car shows it's in first gear. So when I put the handbrake down the car actually drives forward but I cannot get the gear selector into any other gear? This only happened after the economy mode story. Right now the car is standing and I cannot drive it as it's stuck in park and only moves forward. Please does anyone have any advise or help please
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