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Hi all

For a while now, I've had an intermittent static sort of sound coming from the rear left speaker only. This used to go away, and stay gone for weeks, but would eventually return. Sometimes at random, othertimes it seemed speed bumps/potholes would cause it to return if say I went over one a bit too quickly. The static sound recently wouldn't go away for weeks, so I taken my multichanger out as I suspected that was causing a lot of my issues, and for a while afterwards I seemed to be right. The boot looping, static and random restarting went away for ages. However yesterday I went over a pothole and the hissing/static sound and all other problems returned. I thought initially maybe it could be caused by the alternator or something, as I've read that somewhere on here, but it happens even when the engine is off. I'm leaning more towards an issue with either the head unit itself or the speaker. It's just so odd how it'll happen randomly and with seemingly no reason. Also now, because the unit is in a constant boot loop, it doesn't stop trying even with the key out the ignition. It just keeps trying and trying and I don't want it to drain the battery so I've disconnected it.

Maybe a little vague but what would people suggest could be causing these strange issues?

I am looking at replacing the head unit with an aftermarket one cause I think the stereo is just broken. My car is a 307cc 2006, with the sat nav built in. If I replace it, would I lose my reverse parking sensors? Im not so concerned with losing the display with CD number, radio station etc, but I would like to keep my sensors. What else would be affected by changing stereo?

Thank you. Sorry for being a little vague. 🙂
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