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hi there, my steering pump went wrong, and my steering went very hard, could not turn wheel .

i solved the problam.

you open the bot .

on the passenger side your see a plastic box for bonnet fuses .

what i done was , take all fuses out with slim plyers cheek there condition then replace thrm or put thrm back.

wiggled all other wires made sure all fuse was securely in .

put plastic back on.

start car , power stearing fixed.

in the summer the plastic melts from the fuse so the connection get blocked .

hope this helps saved me £350 in a new pump.

good luck.

if that dont work cheek the alternator as it should be working and charging fan over 14volt , the steering wheel pump take a lot of current.

you can also cheek the ground wire as sometimes it collects dirt.

you can also cheek the wire that attach to the steering pump as they sometimes collect dirt.

you can also make sure the steering pump sencor ( preserve sencor )) ok and connected properly.

if everthink fails , take pump out , run 12v accross it , make sure it complete dead .

the problam is is just there with these cars intermitant.
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