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As the title says, roof mechanism on my '07 plate 307CC is stuck and won't operate.

Have closed and opened the roof manually a few times in an attempt to unsieze and hydraulic pistons incase that was the issue, but this hasn't really helped. I've also topped up the fluid in the pump to the 'Max' line as it was only 3/4 full. One of the front locking clips had also come loose (the roof had stopped operating when down, so was only made aware of this when I was manually bringing the roof back up), so i've relocated the screws and tightened this back up again.

Currently, with a bit of assistance using the manual release for the front locking mechanisms, it unlocks the front 'itself' (if you count me leaning on the allen key in the release slightly as it does it as itself, it doesn't do it without this) but doesn't go any further. You can hear the pump whirring from the boot but nothing happens from this point onwards.

Could this possible be air in the hydraulics? Any specific steps I should check? Happy to dismantle this evening after work again and take pictures or do troubleshooting. Any advice massively appreciated.
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