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This is an extract from, posting done by member arumdeus.

This is to fix an error in the roof of a Peugeot 307 CC. The exact problem is that when the roof open switch is pulled, the windows will drop and the boot opens correctly, but nothing further happens. The pump continues to run but the plastic flaps on the sides don't rise.

Releasing the switch and pulling again will cause the plastic flaps to rise, and then the roof shudders a little, but still doesn't open. Using the switch in the close direction will cause the closing sequence to occur correctly. At no point does it tell you there is an error in roof function.

The problem is caused by the the two latches / hooks that fix the roof onto the top of the windscreen failing to disengage correctly. There is a little hydraulic cylinder at the front of the roof that drives these two latches, and also two latches on the other section of roof that moves, by the rear seats.
If for some reason it jams or doesn't have the power to open, this problem will occur. In my case it happened due to the roof not being used for several months over a long winter.

This is the cylinder with the ceiling panel removed:

These are the catches that are sticking:

These are the catches by the rear seats:

The fix is to take the roof through that opening sequence manually a couple of times to free everything up. I used a little WD40 on the latches as well to clean everything out, but it may not be necessary. You don't need to do the entire opening sequence, just the part that is sticking.

In my case I stripped a lot of the roof mechanism apart to investigate, but this isn't necessary and the whole thing can be done in a few minutes. You will need the allen key tool that is apparently in the vehicle to do this.


1. Open the boot normally and remove the carpet entirely. Get access to the pump bleed screw. It's on the right hand side of the black plastic cover on the floor that was covered by the carpet. I think there is a little plastic tab covering it that you need to pop off. It's around 1-2 inches. I had the entire piece removed so I don't have pictures of it, but have a look at this diagram from the car manual:


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This is what the actual screw looks like. In this image the whole pump unit is exposed, however when stored in the car it's all inside a cover with a little hole that should line up with this one screw:

Loosen the screw half a turn just to get it moving while you have easy access, and then tighten it up again. Pull the screen across to allow the roof to open. Now close the boot.

2. Pull the roof down switch until everything stops and the roof shudders, boot open and flaps lifted. Now get out and go to the boot. Release the screen, and turn the bleed screw half a turn. Replace the pull screen.

3. Use the allen key tool to manually release the catches. I had removed my ceiling cover so it looks different, but the socket can be seen here in red:

This page in the owners manual gives a diagram showing where this is located:

Do as it says and release the catches by turning the allen key half a turn to the right. This can be a bit tough. If it seems too difficult you may need to turn the bleed screw just a little further to release the hydraulic fluid.

5. Once this is done and the catches are released, go back to the boot and tighten the bleed screw. Now go back to the front and continue to open the roof using the push switch. The sequence should complete normally.

If you want, pause when the roof is partially open and the catches are visible, and spray a little WD40 or oil into the mechanism on both sides to loosen things up. Be sparing so you don't get any on your ceiling panel. Then open as normal.

6. Close the roof again all the way. It should fully lock itself into place. Take the roof through the full sequence a couple of times. Especially the section where the boot raises and lowers as this is when the catches lock and release.

If it gets stuck, repeat the same procedure with the catches. I did this 2 or 3 times and everything worked perfectly afterwards. Except that I haven't put the ceiling panel back on yet!

Below are two videos, one showing the fault and the second one showing the roof function after this procedure. The pump sounds loud because it has been removed from it's housing.

Hopefully this will fix the issue for anything that encounters it. It should save you a lot of time compared to me! This is what my boot looked like when I was through with it:

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