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The same problem as [email protected] posted 27th August 2017 ( 307CC Roof problems).

The roof opens ok.
The closing prosedure stops halfway as above.

I'll try the manual closing tomorrow.

at 8''58 my situation shown. Do I have to start the manual closing from the start or can I do it from that I am on? ( bleeding not possible to do, when boot is that way...)

Now it's closed manually. Not very easy job, I'd say. You need a spare, strong hands for this. The problem was that the roof did not lock itself. That's why the flaps etc were not able to proceed...
Manually I had soooome trouble locking the roof. The hooks had gotten into locked position not able to stick into the counter parts in the front window. I eventually opened the hooks into open position to lock the roof. After that had a hard time with the boot. It was very stiff and was not able to put it down. I realised wrong sequence in my proceedings. The roof must be locked manually after the boot is closed. Well that wasn't the case after all. The boot resisted closing. I managed to push it down into the rear lock. I shut the bleed screw and closed the boot in normal electric way and alas! it closed!!!

What was the reason for the roof hooks to get into locked positition too early? Well two screws holding the hooks into the roof were loose. Luckily found the dropped one inside the panel.

''roof manouvre completed''

The last note:
Now when opening the roof, only all windows go down, I hear pump noise, but nothing happens!!! Shit....
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