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Hi guys,

I am the owner of a 307cc 2.0 177hp (EW10J4S engine code; VAN-CAN bus; T5; warranty start date: october 2005) pretty much premium pack (leather, rt3, color mfd, nav, etc etc boring details) but not with cruise control. Recently I found out that all the wires are supposed to be there and all I would need is the stalk (6242.Z9 or Z8 I think) and 2 options enabled in ECU and BSI. First I logged on servicebox and searched for my car by VIN then I searched for other cars by changing last 2 VIN digits and found that some have Cruise Control factory mounted so that was 1 win for me.
Next thing I checked brake switch and clutch switch also and both were ok (brake has 4 wires, clutch has switch in place and all is good).
Then I ordered the stalk (Z9, w/o speed limiter; about 60 euros) and mounted it myself and asked a friend with PP2000 to activate it in ECU and BSI (I'm sorry I don't know all the menu entries my friend went through).

Configured in ECU cruise control present and in BSI selected "type 2 without speed limiter" (that's what I opted for because I have no special mighty button on accelerator pedal). Switch off ignition and waited until all lights went out (actually more than that, about 5 minutes). Then I started the car and went for a test ride. All displayed well except it was not working. The kilometer (I'm in kilometers :p) display said Cc off and 0 and when I pressed + on the stalk it showed my current speed for about a second then three flashing dashes and that was it. Dashes stopped flashing but no response until turned Cc off and back on again from stalk switch wheel.
Stopped the car and configured Cruise Control as type 1B (which doesn't show set speed or any visual feedback) and followed same procedure. This type works. Cruise control works, it disengages when pressing clutch or brake, but I can't see anything on the dashboard to know it's active. bummer.

TLDR: I know @Bod (I hope I remembered the username right) experienced this issue with type 2 cruise control not working but displaying and type 1 cruise control working but not displaying and it seems that the same solution works for me. But after reading pretty much the entire forum I couldn't find out if he fixed the darn thing to work like it's supposed to in the end: with set speed display and all the bells and whistles.
Here's a video he posted in one of his posts:

Also his Cc seems to display a weird value for speed (123?!) while mine did display the correct speed (very close to the on on speedometer) but the behaviour was the same.

Any feedback on this?


Car (soon to be in a signature):
2005 307cc T5 2.0 16v 177hp EW10J4S
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