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I've got a confusing problem with my car radio.

I have a Sony radio which has been working fine for just under a year. When I installed it, I also installed a ControlPro CP2-Uni so I could use the steering wheel stork to control the radio.
Last week, while driving, the radio powered itself off. It would not turn on again. I checked the fuses, all were ok. No leads were loose, so I decided the radio was dead and returned it to to Halfords and got a new one. Connected it up, and still it had no power. I then considered the CP2-UNI, so removed it from the wiring and connnected the radio direct to the car. It powered up. So I returned the CP2-Uni and fitted the replacement. Connected the radio again, and no power!

So I'm know the radio works, and I assume the brand new CP2-UNI is working. Why will the radio not work as it had been previously? Anyone had a similiar issue?

Thanks in advance
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