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Accidentally the windbreaker got in the way opening the roof. :(

Something happened and the parcel shelf is now partly broken / stuck (the part which is to the right (seen from the driver side (left hand driven) is broken but has been removed by loosen 2x3 screws .. The left part (towards the passengers seats) are somehow stuck now towards the rear wind screen and will not fold up when trying to operating the roof .. The question is.. How can I remove this part? I have seen that it is possible to buy spare parcel shelfs on eBay etc..

Thanks for any advice ..

Kind regards

I have added 2 pictures and a video can be found here showing how the parcel shelf is in the way. One half of the parcel shelf is already dismounted as it got broke. The other half seems - as can be seen on video - to be in the way for the roof coming down.



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