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I have a 2005 307cc 2.0 Petrol that has covered approx 60k - After owning various VW's and a Seat Leon Cupra I have noticed the handling on the cc isn't great and feels like it might be crabby on the front. When doing 60-70 on the motorway you need to move the steering wheel a few degrees before it responds - are these normally a fairly good handling car? I did buy it as a racer, however I do feel like the front suspension does need some attention. Is anyone aware of any known issues with bushes/wishbones etc wearing. There isn't any knocking etc, it just doesn't feel right... It's already had two MOT's this year at separate garages and only covered about 2k between them, so there shouldn't be any too major wrong...

Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance - Dan
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