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Good day All,
I have a Peugeot 307 cc 2.0 petrol which has recently developed a fault in which when starting from cold first thing in the morning as I reverse out of the garage the carr will stumble with no acceleration at all as in you can put your foot to the floor and the highest it will rev is 800 and it sounds like someone shaking an old toolbox but then kicks into life and revs to around 6000 it has been to abacus Peugeot on global test and they have turned it away also they found that there was a "small chunk " in the timing belt but this is apparently "fine!" after this you can not rely on it and I have to ride the clutch like hell to make it move off smooth but sometimes it may backfire or bog down while at operating temperature

Thankyou for your regard
Steve O'Hara
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