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hello guys
i'm actually new to the forum , i fix my car (307cc 2008 2.0 petrol ) myself since i bought it 4 years ago .
i've notice a rear problem since 6 months ago , which is so much delayed acceleration like 2s or more ( no less than 2s ) its very dangerous and annoying . there are 2 youtube videos , i uploaded them just now to link them down
i've check all the internet for solutions , i've check throttle body , leakage of intake air , injectors , replacing the coils , replacing the sparks , checking the fuel pump , plugged into laptop and check it by scanmaster , replacing the battery , checking the electric generator .
some points : ( sometime at low press the engine shut off )
pressing hard will prevent this from happening
may some of you think that the problem is from the gearbox , but its not relate , cuz its happening also if you test it in (p or n )mode ,
here a picture of what may help

some videos
even the delyer here where i live don't know the problem


1 - 3 of 3 Posts