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Hi I've had a look on the forum is there anyone that can help?

My wife has a 307cc 2004 auto it was a stop gap till I could get a newer car, but she has fallen in love with the car. (Good thing I have a soft spot for French cars) when buying the car i did'nt notice the car had some faults niggling ones too. The cruise control doesn't work at all I have replace the brake peddle switch on passenger side but still no cruise control...
The next thing is the display on the dash for the gearbox position dose not work in any way, the box seems to work fine but no display. I've counted the gears there seems to be 4 sport mode feels like it's there and Manuel is in there too I just can't tell what gear I'm in.

Can anyone help or give advice I'm all out of ideas.

Many thanks
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