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Hello all, does anyone have any experience of using a 307cc to tow? I've been towing caravans and competition cars on trailers for years but have only recently had a tow bar fitted on the 307cc as my 97 Frontera Sport is getting a little tired.

The car performs well when towing a competition car on a trailer and gives me over 30 mpg (2.0 petrol engine and auto box) when towing the caravan, BUT, my caravan becomes unstable at anything over 50 mph when behind the Pug. The caravan was stable behind the Frontera (the only other car that I've towed this particular caravan with) and I've today had all the caravan running gear serviced to make sure that it hasn't developed a fault. It hasn't - all is fine with the caravan.

Has anyone else a similar experience?

I do not use stabilisers as I've always believed that I'd rather know if the unit (car and/or caravan) is unstable before it gets to the natural limit of a stabiliser and so goes big time.

Any and all comments will be welcome especially if anyone can suggest something that will allow me to do a little more than 50 mph on the 400 mile round trip that's coming up.

Thanks in adavance.
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