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Hi all,

Just bought my dad a 2003 2.0 petrol (138) 307cc as he always wanted a convertible - so far he's over the moon with it. (our 2nd Peugeot, after a 206 2.0 HDI)

Everything seems ok, although it seems a little lumpy below 2,000 RPM.

The oil looks clean so will start with the usual first - air filter and plugs, before moving on to more serious stuff like coil pack, diagnostics, etc.

My question is fairly straight forward - what spark plugs should I get? There's lots of information around (some contradictory). Some say they're sensitive to plugs and don't like NGK's and Bosch, other posts say they're good with Bosch Super 4's, etc, etc.

I believe it's the RFN engine. After searching lots, I couldn't find a definitive answer. Can anyone confirm or make some recommendations - would really appreciate it.


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