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Just a few pics of my 307cc
Needs a clean but goes much better now

19" alloys 225/35/19 tyres
Brakes upgraded
remap from Demontweeks
carbon custom airbox with carbon air feed
decat exhaust from MIJ Performance
Iridium spark plugs
Akamoto Nitrous System


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hi there,

first off, yes i like! although it doesnt seem to make a big difference from the 17"! perhaps its because of the resolution of the photos u'v taken.

the other thing i was wondering is... how much did it cost u for all those mods, and did u actually felt a difference in terms of performance? and what about mpg avg ? worst i'm guessing...

I have a similar car, and tbh, I got rly dissapointed when I first drove it, i was expecting alot more from the car!

and again, nice mods!

I like the 307cc but found the motor very underwhelming - looks like you've addressed that problem though!

any pics of the nitrous set up?
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