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Hi everyone, this is my first post after joining the forum in October.

Way back in 2003 I bought a brand new 307XSi petrol & loved it, had quite a few 'software' issues and after going back to the dealers nearly 14 times in 10 months, I got rid. Deep down wish I didnt.

Now I've jumped in and bought myself a mint 55 plate, facelift, 3 door XSi 136 diesel in silver. It has done 78k with full history but after reading the issues some guys have had its got me a little worried:(

It runs perfectly and in 1,500 miles still drives spot on. The week after I bought it I put on a Pro-Bitz chip box that gives it bags of extra grunt.

Even though it drives spot on, I have bought a range of stuff to make sure that it still goes as good as it looks, these include

Gates Powergrip timing belt set
Gates water pump
Mobil 1 5w30 Formula ESP fully synthetic oil
Genuine Peugeot oil filter (£15.83 for a paper filter!!:nono:)
Genuine Peugeot DPF
10K DPF cleaner
Drop links
Front & rear shocks & apex springs with bearings for front top of shocks
Track rod ends ( advisory of a bit of play on MOT)
Lower Ball joints
Horn ( original is so feeble)

It is also showing no faults on the diagnostics machine, which I believe is quite rare.

Can anyone suggest anything else that is a must to replace before it goes t***s up?:eek:

Thanks in advance

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I wouldn't go replacing anything until it does go t**s up.... there could be 000s of miles left in the parts before they need changing :nod:
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