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I wonder if any one could please offer me some advice. Thanks in advanced.

My Mot is coming up after this Month and i am trying to make sure the car is ok.

I had my engine managment light on, has been on in the past and i thought this was due to a faulty maf sensor as it was disconnected when i reconnected it the fault went, however on low revs 1200-2000 the car stutters. I have been trying to get one to try but they seam to be rare at scrap yards and as per a lot of advice it may not be this so i have not purchased a new one.

Now the current problem, i plugged in a diagnostics today not pp unfortunetly.

I had various fault codes:

P2562 - Maf or Vaf low circuit input
Po113 -Iat sensor 1 high
Po102 -turbocharger boost ctrl pos sensor circuit

Can any one advise where to start - What is likely to be faulty. I have read 55 pages back and i can find similar faults but not really a direct list of what to try.

Today i have erased the codes, this worked for a little while and has seamed to have removed some it also removed the engine managemnt light which would help with Mot however i always instantly get the three codes back of:

P2565 - Seams to be the code that brings up anti polution fault and brings engine managment on.
P1351 -
P0490 Egr control circuit high.

Ever if i erase they come instantly back it makes no difference if the MAF sesnor is connected or not.

I also tried today (after being able to reach the egr valve i hope) had to remove the top pannel, whipers, battery etc cleaning it. It seamed to remove the code for longer maybe 40mile but still came back, also lower down below this i sprayed wd40 on what i thought was the turbo cleaner that i hear can stiffen up.

Can any one offer some guidance and advice? I will then try in the morning and report back.

Sorry for being long thanks.


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Have the same egr and running issue with the missus car. (same model) Gonna try a new EGR on it next week. I have seen them on ebay OEM Delphi @ £119 at the moment.
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