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budokan del said:
hi everyone here,s a story.bought a 307cc 3 weeks ago noticed other day had a flat tyre when i took it to the tyre garage i could not find wheel nut key i had to take it back to garage i bought it from arnold clark.they also failed to find it as the wheel key for my car only fits my car and no replacement can be got they r now trying to drill the nuts off . if theres any mechanics out there i would like to know is this a safe practice as im worried they will damage the thread or the torque will not be right worst could the wheel fall off:( cheers concerned

Cant think of any other way my self. could you have got in touch with the previous owner? Threads can always be re-threaded or you could push for new hubs to be fitted all round as a safety and peace of mind issue.If they burn them off they should replace the hubs as they will have fried the grease in the hub itself.
I imagine they will use easy outs to re-move the bolts should be no problem.
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