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All I am wishing to adjust valve clearance on my
pug 307 / 1.4 / 8v / 2003

I know the basics but need some advice on when the valves are closed or open when the rocker arm is resting on the heel of the cam opposite the peak, as I am finding it hard to see with the oil present

I know the sequence
i.e no 1 exhaust open / adjust no 3 intake - 4 exhaust - etc

But the 2 things are being fully sure :confused: when valves are closed or open (no screw to adjust on top) & no 1 cylinder is @ the transmission end of the engine is this right hand side as you are facing the engine leaning in,

Here are a couple of pics I took
any help will be great pref with pics and good detail
many thanks to all
Tony :thumb:


1 - 2 of 2 Posts