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Hi i have 307 2.0 hdi 2004. One month ago i saw water on the parking under my car, i drove around parked a few times and checked if the water was there but nothing, so i assumed the water was leaking from another car... Yesterday a was driving the highway when i got my car beeping and showing me the message "top up engine coolant level". I tought it was some computer gremlin as the temperature was below 90 and drove a few more kilometers home. I poped up the hood and noticed water over the engine and under the car and no water in the water tank. I took off the
engine cover and saw more water and that it was leaking from the thermostat vault and that the plastic cover on the vault is broken at it's top. I put some water in the tank and saw it leaking from the broken cover of the vault.

Today i went to service and they just changed the vault cover and said that's it. They checked the fan and it was working ok. It seems alright now but i'm worried about what caused the vault cover to break...? In the service they said it's just because of the ageing of the plastic or something... i'm not convinced....
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