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hi folks,

i'm new to this forum. i have this problem(s) since febraury 2017.

car woundn't start but i tricked it out. connecting pin 10 of the bsm directly to plus the puel pump and directly to plus and switch it on manually. works great.

1. reading out faults brings (pp2000)
0115 0243 1402 1451 1458 0235 1429 worst case
i managed to reduce these faults to
0115 and, dont know the code but it says "signal kraftstofftemperatur. kurzschluss an plus oder unterbrechung"which means *signal fuel temperature. short circuit to plus or interruption. (please excuse my english. i'm german and the car also runs in germany)
and "fehler elektroventil zur steuerung der abgasführung. stromkreisunterbrechung"
which is in english faulty electrovalve to operate egr. circuit interrupted. or so...

2. motor management warning goes on after a few seconds. but car runs great. thanks to pin 10....

3. warning lamp of temperature goes on and out and on and out....etc. same does gauge going from nothing to overheated and so on.

4. internal heating is not working. great in winter!!!

i checked the sensors for both temperatures. they are okay

i'm at a point to give to car away but its a pefect car to be driven, when it does so.

thanks for your advice.

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