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307 SW Clutch Problems

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Hi guys,

Right here goes, i have a 307sw 110bhp hdi etc etc on an 02 plate and just today i get in and out of the blue it wont go into gear, turn engine off, gears go in fine, engine back on and wont go into gear.

so the question is :- 1) what do u guys suspect it is?
2) How much would i expect to Pay to get it fixed?

i suspect its the flywheel or the clutch itself that has gone, It has done 103K miles so the biggest reason for me posting is whether or not its worth fixing or worth buying another car.

thx for taking the time to read this.
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Sounds like the clutch. I am not sure of the exact arangement of clutches on the 307 however I am suspect a problem with the hydraulic cylinders. Does the clutch pedal feel normal? Is there any hydraulic fluid under the car?

Have no idea what it will cost to have it fixed. I would normally do this kind of thing myself.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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