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Hi all,

I have a 2006 (06) 307 SW. I brought it last summer and when I got it the air con did not seem to be working. Under the warranty the garage repaired it. Was a leak in the system so it was repaired and re-gassed. Throughout the whole of last summer it worked like a dream, almost too well as it was freezing!

In the last couple of weeks however it has devloped a new issue. The car has dual zone climate control which is great as my Mrs is always cold and I am always hot! However.. the passenger side is able to blow out cold temps (if put on low for example it comes out nice and cold) However if I put the drivers side on low or anything the temperature does not change it just constantly comes out hot.

I have tried switching between auto and fan speed/direction and it makes no difference. The vent on the driver side nearest the door and the right hand side of the two middle ones comes out hot, the one by the passenger door and left of the middle two comes out cold. I just can't figure out why, surely the two middle ones in particular would be served by the same pipe or vent or something so the fact one of the middle two does what it is supposed to and the other doesn't really doesn't make sense to me. Currently the only way to cool the car if needed is to only use one single vent (the far left one of the passenger side) as the middle two are controlled by one dial. I turn off the driver side and the middle one and point the passenger side one in my direction when driving and I just about get some cool air.

My only guess is that the control for the CC on the driver side is broken and turning the dial no longer controls the temp and it is just stuck on whatever heat it broke on?

Any help would be appreciated as with spring/summer in the not to distant future I am going to boil alive when driving!

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