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Hi there,
I think I've been lucky in that some debris hit the underside of my car but it has only damaged the metal cover to the additive tank.

I searched the forums and found this picture posted by user risky1

It's the item marked "40". I think the item marked "45" is the retaining bar that holds the cover in place. That seems to be missing after the incident.

Where can I get these replacement parts? I've tried E-Bay and failed to find anything with Google. Any suggestions welcomed.

(I'm based in Nottingham and can travel a bit to go and get it)

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If you cannot get of ebay or local breakers your only choice is from Peugeot.

Heat Shield is Part No. 1537.82 Retail Price £32.26 inc VAT
Tank Strap is Part No. 1538.68 Retail Price £12.19 inc VAT

You could try a google on part numbers as some places do discount genuine parts
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