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307 sw 1.6i petrol 2004 starting problem.

Hi ,
The car has been running normal , just nipped out to the shops,got back in the car started engine fine,While i was writing my wifes Valentines card the engine stuttered and died,So i tried to start it again and it ran for about 3/5 seconds and the engine juddered and died again.(Yes there is about 2 gallon of fuel in the tank)If i leave the keys in the same position after trying to start her there is a whining noise coming from under bonnet (Fuel Pump?????)If i lift the bonnet the noise is from left hand side looking at engine. I went back to the car this morning and tried starting again this time the car ran for about 1 minute with the rpm needle jumping around from 1500rpm to 500 rpm if i press the accelorater the engine judders and dies ,tried again ran for about 30 seconds and died again .(Flat battery very near?)

Any ideas Thanks Dean
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