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The steering on the 307 is getting downright dangerous. there is a fluid leak at the valve on the rack and when the level drops the steering becomes very twitchy. Rebuild the valve, you say- sorry, but there is no kit and replacing the valve is not an option either. It looks like the whole rack is the replacement item. This is ridiculous when the problem is likely to be a set of seals or similar- all pugs up to the 505 allowed this to be done. Does anyone have any ideas or similar experience with this problem on a 307 2 litre HDi. Thanks greg

Hi Greg

As you say, on the 307, the steering is very heavy without assistance (as are the brakes without servo assistance!).

I think the lack of seals is just another indication of the motor industry today - the part is made by a third party for peugeot, and they dont want the hassle of stocking parts.

One option may be to find a remanufacturer of steering racks and see if they can supply seals - usually this trick works.

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