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Hi, newbie to the forum.

I have a 307 rapier 2ltr diesel 90bhp

Been difficult to start recently and have had to crank for long periods. It finally gave up on me last week.
Charged battery and tested, no problems.
Tested voltage to the starter motor which is fine.
Tested voltage to the switched connector on starter and plenty of voltage showing so think the ignition switch is ok.

Have purchased new starter motor but after some advice for removing the old one. It's buried behind a lot of stuff which I have started removing.
My question before I go too far is... should the motor be removed from below or lifted out from above. Not too sure which bits are best to remove looking at it.
Any advice would be very much appreciated!


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No worries, if you get the chance to photograph your work for a "how to" for the forum, it would be most appreciated, as there are a lot of us with 307s which will need a new starter soon. (not me, I paid a guy as a new starter and fitting was cheaper than buying the starter from Euro!)
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