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Hi i have a peugeot 307 2001 model. It has a 1.6 16valve engine. Since having it iv had nothing but problems. Within the year iv had to have new front disks, rebuilt gearbox, new clutch and thats just the start.

About 3 months ago I had the timing belt and powersteering belt changed, but recently when i start the car its making an awfull squeeking sounds like the fan belt is slipping. If i rev the car it goes away. Its pretty constent in the low gears. I think it has something to do with the powersteering as when i turn the wheel full lock the sqeeking is at its worst.

Iv had the belt tightened but that did not solve it. Somebody suggested that i squrt a little WD40 on the belt and this solved it for a few days.. but obviously this is not a perminant solution.

Any help is greatly appreciated - the cheaper the better lol

Thanks. Adam
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