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Hi everyone I have a problem with my

(2002) 307 Xsi 2.0 petrol

Car starts easy and idles at 1000,RPM No problems!

when I try to throttle, it sounds like its taking in to much air and will not pick up unless I pump the throttle to get it over 1.5RPM then it sounds normal.
I also here little back fire when im trying to throttle it when it hesitates.
and also the ANTI-POLLUTION fault comes up when it happens but disappears when its pulled through

when the engine is fully warmed up it is a lot better but still hesitates.
also it drink a lot of fuel while I have this problem.

I have checked the faults on a obd tool and I had a TPS problem, but I have now solved that and have no faults.

I have ran out of ideas can any help. thanks
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