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I have used this forum many times to help me out and probably about time i gave back.
I have a 307 1.9hdi 90 estate and a few months ago started having random electric faults.
This included:
the radio (aftermarket - getting power from 12v socket) switching off for a few seconds,
mfd going dim,
wipers and headlights coming on
unable to operate any other electrics.
The car wouldn't start as if the immobiliser was preventing it and the central locking would not work.

Thinking this was a BSI issue i removed this and found green corrosion around the pins of one socket.
I sent this off to rolling motion to get repaired and everything tested ok. However, once the BSI was back in the vehicle the problems still occurred. This time i thought i would send it to BBA Reman and removed the BSI again but this time i decided to open up the BSI and see if there was any obvious water damage. When i opened it up two securing clips off fuse 19 came off (parc shunt fuse) so the fuse was not making good contact with the pins in the BSI. I re-secured these back on pins and decided, reinstalled the BSI and hey presto no more electrical faults.
I've owned the car for over 5 years and never had any problems with it until this so no idea how the clips worked loose but something to consider if experiencing similar issues.
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