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Hello guys i'm new to this forum. Just wondered if anyone else has had any of the problems I am having with my 307 2007 1.6 HDI 90. The first problem I am having is with the rear wiper washer it seems to have a mind of its own as it activates the washer pump without me touching the stalk. It does this as well in the home position where the wiper shouldn't operate at all.

Another problem I am having is with the EGR valve I only replaced this last year and cleared all the faults on the computer using Diagbox. Only the other day two codes came up as I done a scan as the car is not running correctly when cold I got codes P0490 & P1162. Is there anything I can do to sort these codes out surely it can't have failed this quickly.

Another problem is I have a glow plug problem error code P1351 I have tried replacing the glow plug relay as a garage thought that was the problem but the problem still exists is there anything else it could be down to.

Finally the last problem is with the mutifunction display on the dashboard. I have recently purchased an aftermarket head unit along with a connects 2 stalk adaptor in order to keep the steering wheel controls. This also allowed me to control the multifunction display to change settings etc. This is now not functioning properly. I have tried putting back in the old RD4 and it does work but it doesn't display anything on the display. I.E what radio station you are listening to, what volume its on etc. Had the car in the dealership to remove two locking wheel nuts and they tried to pair it back to the multifunction display but said they couldn't get it to link. I knew this myself as I tried using Diagbox to see if it would pair. They seemed to think that there is a problem with the multifunction display is this true. Also if it doesn't pair with Diagbox would it make any difference if i tried with PP2000.

One last thing is there anybody who can tell me the security & key code for my car in order to program new flip keys to it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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